Creating a Shareable Artifact to Support Deeper Insights



Quid is a data visualization software that uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to map relationships among large groups of articles (~10,000k per network) on a given topic. One of the most interesting parts of the visualization is the ability to interact with individual nodes and explore the larger context that surrounds them, allowing users to explore and arrive at insights they might not have otherwise found.

After arriving at these insights, users often want to share their findings with colleagues or clients. I designed a feature set that allows user to build a presentation-style story from the insights they’ve found and share this artifact with others, including non-Quid users.

*This feature is part of larger product redesign initiative that is still in progress. Due to pending design patents, I am able to share limited information about this project. Please contact me for more information.



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Mary Kate Hayden
Oriana Love
Radhika Sahwney