Developing User Models

What is a User Model?

An excerpt from the "User modeling" Wikipedia post:

"User modeling is the subdivision of human-computer interaction which describes the process of building up and modifying a conceptual understanding of the user. The main goal of user modeling is customization and adaptation of systems to the user's specific needs. The system needs to "say the 'right' thing at the 'right' time in the 'right' way". To do so it needs an internal representation of the user."

In order to better serve users with data that is relevant to their needs, we first need to collect information about and understand the users' needs. User models are a tool we can use to develop an understanding of each user by gathering information about her and using it to inform our system's functions.

User Classification

I used information from the "Who's TOHU?" Product Brown Bag presentation to create a first draft of user classifications, which we can use as a starting point for developing user models in the system. The classifications are a continual work in progress; please comment on them, particularly to point out gaps in coverage or to add examples of Quid users (present, prospective, or churned).

** and * = We have user interviews for this user from 2016 and 2015, respectively

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